Molded Golf Signs (Set of 9 Signs)

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**EXCLUSIVE** Product!
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Unique, “one of a kind” molded, 3-dimensional Tee Signs for your very special event.

Material: Durable “Heavy Duty” injected PVC plastic mold (hollow body)

***Our Molded Golf Tee Signs come in a SET of 9 Signs which INCLUDES:

  • 9 - Molded Golf Tee Signs - 22″ W x 29″ H x 2″ Depth each
  • 9 - Reusable durable 11" x 14" Clear Sponsor Sleeves that tucks into the front of the sign
  • 9 - 24″ x 2" metal angle iron step stakes, that won't rust

Weight with each golf tee sign, sponsor sleeve & step stake - 4.7 lbs

Sample Sign:  We are happy to send you a sample molded golf sign for $49.50 plus shipping. Call us at 1-800-280-6044 for details.


Set of 9 Signs (not including shipping):[/two_third]

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“The molded tee signs were a fantastic presents on the golf course and were a wonderful perceived “value” for our sponsors and players”

Bill W. New York

"We love our molded tee signs. This product has allowed us a convert an expense into a revenue generating item that we can package into our tournament proposals. This saves our tournament planners and our course time, money and frustration."

Tallapoosa Lakes Golf Course
Montgomery, AL



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